EPISODE 2: Legend by Marie Lu

Hello ladies and gentlemen, cats and kittens, children without parents! This time on Young Adult AF, Shelby has a cold and Darcy gets a bunch of facts wrong! We also make another non-shout out to someone who went to our college and forget to give a spoiler warning! A theme is emerging! (Also: Spoilers for everything, always.)

Today we’re talking about dystopias, orphans, the correct amount of making out, and other classic themes of young adult fiction. Come with us on a journey to take down a corrupt government with the help of a corrupt rebellion as we discuss Legend, the first book in the Legend series by Marie Lu.


Here are some links to go with the ep:

Official Site

BONUS: Official Site for the ~*Graphic Novel*~ version 



Marie’s Tumblr  (also known as the source of all hair inspiration)

An extremely short playlist Darcy made

(Most of this is nonsense but I genuinely believe that Homemade Dynamite should be the theme song for this book – Darcy)

Several meme’s from Tumblr user Dayspacito (LOL):

If you like our theme song, check out more from Spumoni here.

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You guys are the ship!!!


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