EPISODE 3: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Hecate all to Heck!! It’s our first heavy-hitter! Today we talk about Percy Jackson and his creator, woke dad and ruler of many fantastical worlds, Rick Riordan. Darcy explains the plot of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief one and a half times and Shelby makes some fan fiction reading recommendations. We work through two articles (linked below) debating the merits of YA as a genre. Consider this our mission statement.

As always, spoilers for everything (including Borat).

Please Note: This episode was recorded while Shelby was still living in Portland (OR) so the sound is not the best! Please forgive us! And again, if you have sound editing experience and love YA please reach out to us at youngadultaf@gmail.com.

Get the book on Amazon here. 

Check out Rick’s site here. 

Here’s the insidious New Yorker article we discussed. 

And here’s the rebuttal from The Atlantic. 

AND HERE is the link to Portable North Pole (consider this our correction for calling it Virtual North Pole). 

NEW SEGMENT: Fan Fic Her? I Hardly Know Her features a fanfiction synopsis we love. No Featured Fan Art this week because we were down a rabbit hole trying to find a link to the fanfic we talked about (unsuccessfully, contact us if that’s you, boo!). If you want to see your art featured here, send it on over to youngadultaf.com!

If you like our theme song, check out more from Spumoni here.

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You guys are the ship!!!


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