EPISODE 4: Virtual Reality Stories: Ready Player One/Warcross/Otherworld

Today we talk about not one, not two, but THREE young adult books dealing with virtual reality! We’ve got (in chronological order) Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Warcross by Marie Lu, and Otherworld by Jason Siegel and Kirsten Miller. Darcy spoils a whole bunch of things for Shelby! We get into evil corporations, futuristic tech, and how nostalgia ended up the most interesting elements of a genre that mostly takes place in the future.

SPOILER ALERT: This episode includes spoilers for everything as usual, including all three of these books. We do not reveal the twist in Warcross (because it’s too good) but would still recommend reading it before listening (because it’s too good).

Amazon links for the books:

Ready Player One



Ready Player One Movie Trailer

Yet again, Marie Lu’s amazing Tumblr

And the house tour article that Shelby mentioned

We mentioned HQ Trivia. It’s our very own personal version of the lottery from 1984 meant to sedate us in mass and keep us docile, but feel free to use Darcy’s referral code which is DarbyElbird 🙂

Here’s Mike Pfeiffer’s Twitter, he’s extremely funny

And Bill Gates’ Wikipedia Page

Aaaaand the NPR article Shelby mentioned about Marie Lu

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You guys are the ship!!!


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